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“Imagination rules the world”

Napoleon Bonaparte


Discover La Petite Ecole

Currently accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year and beyond

Bienvenue à La Petite Ecole - a place for children to grow, learn and play in an inviting bilingual environment that encourages curiosity and fun!

Little cooks at La Petite Ecole

About La Petite Ecole

A Place to Shine

Established in 2006, La Petite Ecole is a home-based Kindergarten Prep Preschool that offers a bilingual French / English program to children ages 2-5.  With our progressive and holistic early childhood education philosophy, we understand that each child has unique needs and interests. We provide the environment and tools your child needs to thrive to the best of their abilities.

Did you know that recent research on bilingual and multi-lingual students has demonstrated that learning a second language at an early age does more than give our children the gift of being able to speak another language?  It actually "supercharges" their brains, stimulating the neurons to form more connections, eventually leading to better academic performance.

La Petite Ecole offers a full-time program from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.  Monthly tuition covers breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, the bilingual curriculum and all school supplies. 

Patricia Ayité is a certified French teacher, fluent in French and English, a world traveler, artist and mother of 6 (now adult) children.  She is CPR and First Aid certified.  She is assisted by her husband Alex Ayité, a PE teacher with a Sports Degree from France, also CPR and First Aid certified.

The school is licensed as a large Family Child Care Home (8 children)


Children learn best through play!

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Arts and Crafts

All children love to create!

Discovering our World

Fall Walk in the Park

Outdoor Play

Safe and Secure back yard

Circus Birthday and Clown Day

Nous nous sommes déguisés en clown!

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Mission Statement

A State-licensed facility, La Petite Ecole pledges to provide the highest quality French and English Preschool program to children ages 2-5.  From language and literacy development to social skills and creative expression, the children at La Petite Ecole are constantly being exposed to new activities and ideas, all in a structured, safe and loving home environment. We build on the strengths and interests of each child to help build a solid educational foundation.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday visit to La Petite Ecole
    Saturday visit to La Petite Ecole
    Sat, Mar 02
    Mar 02, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
    Aurora, 16271 E Flora Pl, Aurora, CO 80013, USA
    Mar 02, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
    Aurora, 16271 E Flora Pl, Aurora, CO 80013, USA
    Come to visit our bilingual home-based Preschool in SE Aurora!
  • Visit La Petite Ecole on February 17 @ 11 am
    Visit La Petite Ecole on February 17 @ 11 am
    Sat, Feb 17
    Feb 17, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
    Aurora, 16271 E Flora Pl, Aurora, CO 80013, USA
    Feb 17, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
    Aurora, 16271 E Flora Pl, Aurora, CO 80013, USA
    Come and visit la Petite Ecole on Saturday, February 17 at 11 am. Meet Patricia and find out more about the program, curriculum, and all that La Petite Ecole has to offer!
  • Visit La Petite Ecole
    Visit La Petite Ecole
    Sat, Feb 12
    Feb 12, 2022, 11:30 AM
    Aurora, 16271 E Flora Pl, Aurora, CO 80013, USA
    Feb 12, 2022, 11:30 AM
    Aurora, 16271 E Flora Pl, Aurora, CO 80013, USA
    Come and find out a little bit more about our unique bilingual program in our home setting!
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I wish I could give this school more than 5 stars!
My child has attended La Petite Ecole for almost 2 years now and I could not be more grateful. I wanted to find a daycare where French was a part of the curriculum (which is not easy to find here) so my child could reinforce learning the language outside the home. What a blessing it has been!
Patricia, the teacher, is such an amazing person and is so great with kids. You can instantly tell by spending 5 minutes with her how much she cares for each and every student. She is very organized and plans out her curriculum in advance, sending it to the parents ahead of time. She goes above and beyond planning fun and educational activities. She even gives the kids two homemade meals a day!
My child's French has greatly improved after being here and it's so precious to hear the songs that Patricia teaches being sung at home. At the end of the day she gives an update about how your kiddo did that day, which I really appreciate.
If you are looking for an in-home preschool to send your child to, look no further because this is the place. You will not be disappointed!

For more testimonials and reviews, please check the Google reviews, or click on the Yelp and Facebook page links in the "Contact Us" section.

La Petite Ecole Parent

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16271 E. Flora Pl
Aurora CO 80013

(720) 217-6829

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